Whipped Well

That’s pretty much how I felt after the race in Tahoe! We knew the water would be warmer than last year, but I didn’t prep for the wind that tortured us for the majority of the race.

The wind, combined with the dust on top of the mountain, in what is called the “Soccer Field” for obstacles, was relentless.

The barbed wire crawl is never fun, but it’s somewhere I gain ground every single time I race. I can only remember the sand blowing in my eyes and mouth, and I could in no way see where I was rolling.

But I Didn’t Quit

I sure wanted to. After the Dunk Wall, I found myself bent over and sobbing, and I am NOT a person who cries. I knew that if I stopped moving they’d pull me from the course.

So up that Slip Wall I went. Period.

Don’t ever quit, my friends. Keep moving.

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