I’m a mother of three daughters, 7th grade English teacher, and obstacle course racer. After getting English degrees in college, I went on to get a MAT in English so I could be in the classroom. Then, I joined the Army National Guard, and was enlisted before becoming an officer. In 2006, I lost my youngest brother, who was also in the military. I began running, and blew my left knee so badly in five places that I required titanium to put it back together. I didn’t run for four months, and running is what healed me cope after my little brother’s passing.

When I had my third daughter in 2013, I was 100 pounds heavier than I’d ever been and a depressed single mother. I left the military the following year, after 8 years of service. Budget cuts led to job loss, and my daughters and I had to live separately when I first started teaching where I am now. One of my other brothers introduced me to obstacle course racing in 2014, at a Tough Mudder. It wasn’t until 2016 that I actually began making changes that have led to where I am today. I lost 60 pounds between February and June, and won my first Spartan race in August 2016. Three world championship qualifies and over 50 obstacle course racing and road racing podiums later, here I am!
Every time I race, I think of my daughters back home, waiting for me to tell them the news of how my race went. I have had so many people from all over the world reach out to me to hear my story, ask about training, or share their own stories of success. My family is motivating, but I am sure motivated by the way I motivate others, as well. My faith is incredibly important to me.
I made a final comeback, and I’ll never have to come back again. I’m here and I am staying.
“I can do all things through Christ”, as there is nothing that I cannot handle that I haven’t been prepared for. I also like to say, “Be a goal digger!”
We can’t predict how far we might rise, but as long as we keep rising, we are successful.


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